Latest Stories Custom merged RSS feed by PCMag Staff Here's who we are and what we do. We welcome your questions and feedback. Readers' Choice/ Business Choice Survey Sweepstakes Rules Enter's Readers' Choice/Business Choice Survey sweepstakes for a chance to win! 15 Secret Tricks and Tips Inside iOS 12 Many are big, flashy, in-your-face features. Just as many are little hidden tricks that only a true iOS aficionado will find fascinating. PCMag Tech Addiction Survey Is tech addiction a thing? Help us find out. Contact PCMag Answers to common questions about Ransomware Attack Disrupts Major Aluminum Producer On Tuesday, the Norwegian company Norsk Hydro reported that it's global IT systems had been hit with a strain of ransomware. As a result, the company has been switching to manual operations at its factories. Stadia, Google's Cloud Gaming Service, Launches Later This Year Google wants to make YouTube a centerpiece for accessing and sharing game streaming content. It was mum on Stadia's complete game lineup, though the upcoming Doom Eternal first-person shooter will be available in 4K. 'Autonomy' Documentary Director: Don't Fear Our Self-Driving Future In his new documentary, filmmaker Alex Horwitz reveals the hidden past and complex future of self-driving cars. At SXSW, he tells me why he doesn't think autonomy is something to fear. Microsoft Teams Video Calls Get Customized Backgrounds Nobody likes cleaning up before sitting down to make a video call, so Microsoft came up with a better solution and will soon offer to replace your background during a Microsoft Teams call. Say Goodbye to Google's Inbox App In a notice to Inbox users yesterday, Google said it plans to officially shut down the app on April 2. If you haven't yet embraced the new Gmail, you might want to start trying. Visit FeedKiller and mix your *own* RSS feed Combine multiple RSS feeds into one single RSS feed with our RSS mix service.