Latest Stories Custom merged RSS feed by PCMag Staff Here's who we are and what we do. We welcome your questions and feedback.,2817,8149,00.asp 15 Secret Tricks and Tips Inside iOS 12 Many are big, flashy, in-your-face features. Just as many are little hidden tricks that only a true iOS aficionado will find fascinating. Readers' Choice Survey Sweepstakes Rules Enter's Readers' Choice Survey sweepstakes for a chance to win!,2817,2382180,00.asp Business Choice Survey Sweepstakes Rules Enter's survey sweepstakes for a chance to win!,2817,2497054,00.asp PCMag Tech Addiction Survey Is tech addiction a thing? Help us find out. Our Brains Know if a Movie Will Bomb Before We Do Immersion Neuroscience developed a wearable that lets Hollywood studios know how you really feel about a movie, and the likelihood that it'll be a box office bomb or a blockbuster. Boeing Successfully Tests 'Flying Car' On Tuesday in Virginia, the aerospace company completed the first test of a flying car prototype it hopes will one day soar across the sky over busy city streets, shuttling humans. LG 65-Inch OLED 4K TV Discounted $600 Before the Super Bowl With the Super Bowl coming up, now's a great time to upgrade. Netflix vs. Hulu: Streaming Service Showdown If you can only afford one, which video-streaming service is worth your cash, Netflix or Hulu? Filing Your Taxes Isn't Simpler This Year: Here's What You Need to Know The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means many changes for the Form 1040 this year. If you aren't part of the 90 percent of US citizens who e-file using tax software, this is the year to start. Visit FeedKiller and mix your *own* RSS feed Combine multiple RSS feeds into one single RSS feed with our RSS mix service.