Ultimate Test http://www.feedkiller.com/feed-41203 Custom merged RSS feed by feedkiller.com A RSS feed is unreachable - FeedKiller.com The above feed could not be reached and could not be part of this custom mix https://soundcloud.com/sportsbettorstv Horse Racing Discussion W/Ryan Dickey Ryan Dickey of Firehouse Stables chats with us about owning, training, handicapping, and analyzing horse and horse racing. https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/horse-racing-discussion-wryan-dickey Battle For L.A W/Mark Heffernan We discuss the state of Los Angeles athletics with Mark Heffernan of 1USN/Los Angeles. https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/battle-for-la-wmark-heffernan Interview w/Dan Krevsky of HITT-SHIELD We talk to Dan Krevsky of HITT-SHIELD about their revolutionary concussions suppressing skull cap. https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/interview-wdan-krevsky-of-hitt-shield Random Show Stuff Decided to upload an old show, without checking out the content. Hope it doesn't suck!!! https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/random-show-stuff If Not For Injuries, Who Would've Been Great? We take a quick look at some of those that could have, should have beens. Careers derailed by injuries that robbed them, and us, of greatness. Our Roy Hobbs list, if you will. https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/if-not-for-injuries-who-wouldve-been-great NCAA Tourney Challenge 07 Gators/89 Illini Mr. Farmer and myself are joined by all-time Ohio State great Ron Stokes, as we breakdown our debate pitting the 2007 Florida Gators vs. the 1989 Illinois Fighting Illini. The Gators featured future NBA players Corey Brewer, Joaquin Noah, and Al Horford, and were coached by Billy Donovan. While Lou Henson had Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, and Kenny Battle on his squad. https://soundcloud.com/ultimatesportsnetwork/ncaa-tourney-challenge-07-gators89-illini Visit FeedKiller and mix your *own* RSS feed Combine multiple RSS feeds into one single RSS feed with our RSS mix service. http://www.feedkiller.com/